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Research, Planning and Implementation are Three Pillars of Our Working Process

Great design is all about creating a website that aligns with an underlying strategy. It isn’t just about integrating social media, it’s about focusing on wireframes, code and content management. Well designed websites offer much more than conviction. They engage visitors and give them unparalleled experiences by ensuring readers can navigate easily and giving them the information they’re looking for.


Great Design

Great design is not just a solution. It is the elimination of the problem. We follow structured design processes that can help deliver successful websites and mobile apps faster and more efficiently. Our designers enhance the users’ experience by building a visual identity of your brand. Only once you have approved the design do we go on to make it live.

Project Planning and Identification

We believe the planning stage of the project is the most critical step. This stage allows us to understand your brand aims and objectives and to develop a project summary giving us a clear picture of your target market.

At times clients and business owners have to pay special attention to give their consent to all the key pages of the site. After obtaining a clear picture of the project, all the decisions are implemented to achieve a successful outcome.

Scope Re-defined

Once we have agreed the outline of the project, we start to assemble the data and resources required from the client, this can include content, logos, images etc. It’s at this point we can start to put the pieces together, this includes resources as well as planning tools.

Wireframes and Sitemap

As you approve our workflows, we proceed to create wireframes relating to the basic outline of the design. We conduct a series of tests to determine whether the outline is created correctly. These tests also enable us to understand if the design elements are correctly positioned. Our team submit wireframes of the workflow to see what has been done and what they have to do.

Content Creation

At this step, we fine tune your content by creating and optimising it. A strict QA process is followed by us to carry out content creation and effectively posting this properly. We squash all the bugs that affect our journey. If it’s needed, we can also migrate your site’s content or blogs to/from other platforms.

Change is not an event, It’s a process. We continue working on your project to give you constant returns.

Visual Design

After defining the blueprint of the project via sitemap creation and wireframes, the next step is to create a visual brand. We use mood boards, style tiles, and other advanced tools to give your brand an identity. The content and the site architecture are also well balanced by us as they’re integral components of the brand building process.

Site Development

Our core tasks of site development include building site structures, constructing templates, importing data, creating stories, publishing content, and much more. Approval of the design can be followed by developing new content, creating videos, slideshows, podcasts, and other media that will appear in the site to build out its HTML and CSS.


Prior to making your project live, we test it again and again. We check whether we have missed any essential elements and also make sure that your site is functioning properly across different devices. If any problems are found, these are resolved immediately and the testing cycle commences once again until we have 100% satisfaction.


This is the big day when the site has been tested, reviewed and approved. We work with our clients on finding the right hosting platform, Marketing, SEO & Social Media strategies, all aimed at delivering the best ROI for your project. But this is not the end. Web design is a process which requires continuous improvement.

As design is all about finding the right balance between form and function, we work with you to test new content, features, analytics etc, to see how each aspect can be improved as new technologies materialise.

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