How to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach In 2020

Wednesday, March 25, 2020  |


Organic reach is becoming a scarce commodity on Facebook.

If your business or enterprise relies on Facebook for:

  • engaging an online audience,
  • generating leads,
  • or converting business

finding ways of increasing your organic reach will help you expand your online presence without breaking the bank. This is because organic reach is the number of people on Facebook you are reaching for free, without paid advertising, simply by posting to your Facebook page. 

As one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, organic reach can prove lucrative, but more and more Business Page owners are experiencing severely diminished organic reach on this platform. In this article, we look at why this is happening and how you can give your Facebook content the boost it needs. 

The top 3 factors reducing your Facebook organic reach.

Since 2011, changes in the algorithms and page structures used by Facebook have eaten away at the strength of organic reach, meaning that even Facebook pages with large numbers of fans may struggle to enjoy an equivalent level of engagement. Here are 3 key factors that are sapping organic reach:

  • More ad contentPaid for or ‘boosted’ content has proliferated on Facebook and competes for news feed space.
  • Sheer volume of contentOver time the quantity of content has massively increased meaning your posts can become swamped by other content and ads.
  • Personalised contentFacebook’s algorithms have a preference for ‘meaningful interactions’ and will prioritise posts from friends and family or those that will increase interaction, to more generic, blanket marketing posts.

Make gains on your Facebook organic reach with these key steps

If you want to see some improvement in organic reach this year, all is not lost, you have some strategies at your disposal to gain a ‘boost-free’ advantage. 

  • Videos rank.Content with videos and live-streaming tends to rank higher on Facebook. Work at creating arresting content that will generate clicks, unmuting and likes
  • Target and segment your contentSegmenting your content by user interest or demographics increases the opportunity of its exposure to a relevant audience. Try to exploit niches wherever possible so that your content stands out as being unique.
  • Become a hubCreating and promoting groups which are related to your products and services, will draw a relevant audience which will then be more likely to partake of your posts.
  • Find opportune times to post content.The time you post does make a difference to the visibility of your content and with 74% of Facebook users logging in daily, you want to get the timing right for the maximum number of impressions and interactions. According to Hootsuite, the best times to post on Facebook are:
    • Midday (EST) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for B2C posts
    • Between 9 am and 2 pm (EST) on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday for B2B posts. 

Rounding up.

The downward trend in organic reach means its unlikely that you soon will be unable to market effectively on Facebook without some form of paid advertising. However, avoiding a blanket approach to Facebook marketing will yield gains if every penny of your marketing budget counts.

Need help with cracking Facebook’s algorithm?

If you need to gain momentum with your marketing reach on Facebook, we are here to help with the expertise to create impactful Facebook marketing campaigns that deliver the return on investment your business needs. Simply reach out to our team by phone or email and we will be pleased to share with you how we can help. 

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