Must-Use Google Ad Types for Successful eCommerce Marketing

Friday, February 5, 2021  |

Getting your e-commerce business to perform well online has never been more important. Google Ads provide the opportunity to gain a competitive edge and the much-needed exposure that will garner your online store sales and revenue. Thankfully, you have a range of paid Google Ad types at your fingertips for targeted positioning of your products on the worlds leading search engine. Read on for a concise digest of 5 key Google Ad types that you should be including in your e-commerce marketing campaigns.

1. Google Shopping Ads
Google Shopping Ads, previously known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are key to establishing a presence on Google Shopping, Google’s shopping search engine in over 40 countries.
Google Shopping delivers buyable results with an image-rich presentation that puts your products front and centre. By using this type of Google Ad, your product will be displayed alongside competitor products at the top of the search results, when users search with relevant search terms. This is the best type of e-commerce ad for visibility! Users can then click on the Ad and be taken to your actual product page for purchase.

2. Google Search Ads
Well drafted and targeted classic Google AdWords ads can still be an effective way of getting visitors over to your online store. These text ads are displayed right above the organic search results meaning that your brand will enjoy pride of place at the top of the page. With a Click Through Rate (CTR) of almost 8%, you stand a good chance of converting sales with this method, but the design and setup of your campaign are critical to its performance and your return on investment.

3. Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)
DSAs also provide a well-targeted method of presenting your e-commerce sites products to the people who are searching for the products you offer. Google suggests that sellers with a large inventory will benefit from using DSAs as they populate your keyword campaigns with content from your site.

By generating the Ad headline and landing page from your site, you are likely to enjoy increase traffic but are best suited to e-commerce businesses that have a stable inventory and pricing and do not change products too frequently or make lots of special offers. The pages used must also be well-optimized. Google advises that this type of ad works best when used in conjunction with Google Search Ads or Google Shopping Ads.

4. Google remarketing ads
Savvy e-commerce customers may already be aware of the potency of remarketing ads which place your products in front of people who have previously visited your site. A selection of products that they have already viewed, as well as other relevant items, are displayed on Google and other partner sites. This is a great way of keeping your brand and products at the fore, potentially converting a high volume of sales. Remarketing ads can help your eCommerce business gain a wide reach with remarkable focus for a competitive price.

5. Google Gallery Ads
This ad format represents the cutting edge of Google’s online advertising. Its novel approach places high definition visuals of your product at the centre of the ad, just what is needed to encourage a user to visit your site and buy. It is also made for the age of the smartphone, with swipeable images that are presented based on user intent. Users can swipe through images with the option of expanding the ads that interest them and hopefully hitting your site. Gallery Ads are available in 11 languages, perfect if your business has international reach. Businesses are charged per swipe or per click for their ads.

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