Omnichannel Retail – What Ecommerce Businesses Need To Know Right Now

Monday, January 10, 2022  |

Omnichannel is the single most important word for any eCommerce business owner to know right now!

If you are still struggling with multi-channel or even persisting with a single-channel e-commerce approach, it is time to leap omnichannel e-commerce. Ignore, pause or hesitate and you will simply lose your market share to competitors who have embraced this evolution in retail.

This short article should help you understand what omnichannel commerce is and get you up to speed with what it means for your online store.

What is omnichannel commerce?

Omnichannel commerce, also known as omnichannel retail is a retailing approach that has the objective of providing a harmonised customised experience across every channel the retailer operates on. The service provided by omnichannel retail should be seamless as it is coordinated and synchronised across every possible channel from a social medial account to a high street store.

The difference between omnichannel, multi-channel and single-channel commerce.

This all boils down to the number of channels you are using to market and sell your products. Traditional, single-channel commerce involves selling goods out of a brick-and-mortar store or a simple e-Commerce website or single sites like Amazon or eBay.

Multi-channel was an innovation on the original single-channel approach with customers being able to purchase products from your company on more than one channel, for a much for engaged and convenient customer experience.

Omnichannel commerce is really an extension of multichannel commerce but with omnichannel, all channels are interconnected and operate synchronously. For example, if a customer purchases a particular product on eBay, stock levels and availability will change on Amazon, social media feeds and your main website. Or if you apply a discount centrally it will be disseminated on all the channels you use.

Know the benefits of Omnichannel Commerce

Omnichannel boosts your customer experience

If you have implemented multi-channel e-commerce it can feel like you have to be in multiple places at once, losing customers along the way. Omnichannel is all about the customer being able to find your store and buy what they want wherever they are. So if it is Facebook, eBay or Google Shopping, your centralised management and control of all channels mean you turn up with excellent customer service and make buying from you natural and convenient.

Drive  traffic and sales to your business with omnichannel

Omnichannel retail can increase the number of customers who find and shop with your brand. Many customers will be inclined to view your primary website and other products that are available. Revenue generated is also enhanced with omnichannel customers spending 30% per purchase.

Increase brand reach and engagement

An omnichannel approach strengthens your brand’s reputation, increasing the willingness of customers to shop with you. This really benefits new brands that are yet to establish themselves who can appear more mature and credible than with a single channel.

Harness powerful data streams for effective strategy and decision-making

Omnichannel e-commerce provides complete oversight and control of your data across every channel you operate on. The harmonised approach means that your sales and marketing strategies can have a ramified impact and you can see developing patterns and trends, taking instant action.

Let us assist you in implementing omnichannel commerce with your existing e-commerce business.

Implementing up an omnichannel commerce approach can be daunting. But our team of e-commerce developers and digital marketers can provide the expertise and attention to detail needed to make a success of this innovative and harmonised approach on all e-commerce platforms. Reach out to us by phone or email to learn more and arrange a complimentary consultation.

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