Shopping Cart Abandonment: 10 Evidence-Based Ways to Reduce it for Your Ecommerce Store

Friday, June 7, 2019  |

Shopping cart abandonment

Do your visitors leave your site without completing the purchasing process?

If so, you are not alone.

On average shopping cart abandonment rates are 69.23% according to a Baymard Institute report. And, Listark says only 2 out of every 10 customers leave without completing the checkout process.

You’ve got to take preventive steps to bring down your cart abandonment rates. However, it may not be easy. You may need to give your efforts time before you reap the rewards. But, it is worth your attention.

Here’re some tips to help you reduce cart abandonment rates and increase sales.

Tips for Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Create Reliable Transaction Forms

The transaction form is a vital part of the sales process. Prospective customers will complete their banking and personal information on it. Therefore, it should look reliable as it is more than just a contact info form. There are certain methods to win the trust of your prospective customers with the form. Read on to find out more.

How to create a reliable transaction form?

Establish trust among your audience with your transaction form. Not to forget, make sure it is secure. As they’re going to give you their hard-earned money, ensuring a safe eCommerce solution is your duty. You can create a secure transaction form by:

  • Having a valid SSL certificate.
  • Placing renowned security logos such as GeoTrust, VeriSign Secured, and others.
  • Place the logo where it is easily to see.

Find out if you have any Traffic Leaks

Understanding your visitors’ behaviour can help reduce shopping cart abandonment. Use Google Analytics to view conversion routes and visitor flow.

These two analytics will show you the loopholes of your product pages. Furthermore, you can find out where your traffic is leaving. Accordingly, you can work on the pages from where your traffic is being lost.

Tell Visually Appealing Stories

Your customers can’t test the product before buying. Therefore, most of the shoppers skip buying if the product images are not clear. The images of the products should be high resolution. It’s only then it can tell its story appealingly.

How Can You Increase Conversions with Product Images?
  • Upload high-resolution product images
  • Show that people are using the product
  • Regardless of your industry, show pictures that tell how it can benefit them
  • Take photos of the product from different angles and upload them
  • Include videos about the product

Make Shop to Cart Navigation Easy

Easy shop to cart navigation can boost your traffic engagement. It is one of the most effective shopping cart abandonment solutions that any good eCommerce store will adopt.

How Can You Make Navigation Easy to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment?
  • Check the user flow report. Determine the drop off areas. Resolve them.
  • Enhance your customers’ shopping experience. Make sure they’re not hitting the back button after going halfway through the check out process.
  • Place the cart icon on all pages. By doing so, you’ll make it easy for the customer to complete the shopping process whenever he or she wishes.

Strengthen Your Email Marketing Strategy

Does your prospective customer leave without buying at the last moment? No worries. You still have a chance to engage with them. Once you’ve got his or her email, turn on an autoresponder email series. It will remind them about the products left in their cart. As a result, they may again feel the urge to buy. To turn these visitors into customers, use a robust email marketing strategy it’s equally as important.

How Can You Make an Email Strategy that Boosts Sales?
  • Create emails that remind your site visitors about the products they were intending to buy.
  • Inform your prospective customers about your discounts, free offerings and any other lucrative deals.
  • Always include an appealing CTA link in the email body.
  • Tell your customers about the latest trends related to your industry.

Offer Free Delivery Service

It may appear as a matter of only a few dollars to you. Even so, your traffic may not be willing to pay it. According to a Forrester Research study, 40% of visitors abandon the shopping cart because the sellers don’t offer free shipping. If you’re looking at how to fix shopping cart abandonment, consider a free delivery service.

In case, you’re not able to provide free shipping services, schedule promotional periods to cover the shipping charges. Otherwise, you can offer incentives to make the customers feel valued. As such, they won’t mind paying delivery charges. Rather, they’ll count it as a good deal.

Include Multiple Payment Options

A comScore study reported that 56% of shoppers prefer to buy from stores that offer multiple payment options. Your payment options may not match the taste of your visitors. So, give them choices and play safe. It’s a vital factor when designing an ecommerce site. For example, include American Express, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc.

Give A Money-Back Guarantee on Returned Items

Doubts can affect your sales badly. The quicker you overcome doubts, the faster the shopping cart abandonment rate will fall. Therefore, to win over the doubts of your customers, offer them a full-proof money-back guarantee. With a clear money-back guarantee, you can shape the buying decisions of site visitors instantly.

Create a separate page for your Return Policy. However, don’t complicate it by merging it with the Terms and Conditions page. Ensure it’s clearly visible. Place it at the centre of your checkout process. These steps will remove doubts from the customers mind.

Allow Guest Checkout

Always creating an account before buying is monotonous. Asking your customers to give you all their details to create an account is time-consuming and a lot of effort. Enable guest checkout to overcome the obstacle of sign-in, give them the option of signing up after making a purchase.

Optimise the Loading Speed of Your Page

A one-second delay in your page loading time can reduce your conversion rate by 7%. Therefore, optimise your checkout pages to prevent customers from waiting. If the checkout page loads slowly, impatient customers will leave.

How Can You Optimize Your Pages?
  • Fix poorly implemented tags
  • Compress the size of your images
  • Restrict the use of ad network monitoring
  • Use search-friendly URLs
  • Write Alt tags for images

There are a lot of other ways to grow your sales with result-driven On-page SEO. Once your ecommerce pages are fully optimised, loading times will decrease over time.

The Bottom Line

There can be many other reasons why visitors abandon shopping carts. However, you can get positive results by making your site easy-to-navigate, secure, and efficient. Implement the tips above. If you’re in search of an eCommerce development company in the UK to grow your sales, get in touch with Qube Digital Media.

Qube Digital Media have an experienced and trained team to look after the different aspects of eCommerce development.

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