Software Testing Myths and Realities You Should Know

Monday, June 24, 2019  |

Software testing

Software testing myths have been affecting the quality of software for years. These myths prevent testers to review developed software in full. Today, we’ve listed 8 myths related to software testing that should be challenged. Understand them to ensure the complete testing of software to build robust solutions.

Software Testing Myths That Are Affecting Software Test Process

It’s Not Necessary to Spend on Testing

Often, people think that spending too much money on testing software is worthless.

  • Reality: Testing is vital to analyse the performance of your software. Proper software testing can save a lot of time and money in the long term.

Testing is a Time-Consuming Process

This myth is completely baseless.

  • Reality: Software testing carried out during the SDLC phase is not time-consuming. Sometimes, debugging takes more time.

It’s Possible to Test Software Completely

Generally, clients think that software which has been tested thoroughly will give optimal performance, this may not always be the case.

  • Reality: Testing software 100% isn’t possible. Actually software can have vulnerabilities, which are difficult to remove. These vulnerabilities may cause issues later on.

Testing Can Be Done Only After The Software Is Fully Developed

It’s one of the most common software testing myths that software can be tested only when it’s developed completely. This is not true.

  • Reality: Testers should test Software at different phases of development, especially when adding and removing functionalities.  It’s possible that if you test software after it’s been fully developed, its overall performance may be affected.

Finding Bugs is the Only Purpose of Software Testing

It’s a partial truth. Checking for bugs during software testing is a large scale job.

  • Reality: That doesn’t mean testers only check bugs during the development process. Various areas that can reduce performance are also checked and fixed while testing.

Clicking Randomly is Testing

Testing is all about tracking details by clicking on the UI of the software randomly. This is a common perception, which you should debunk.

  • Reality: Testers who perform their work thoroughly ensure that the UI of the software is working properly. They may need to click on various parts of the software randomly to explore its UI. However, this is also just a part of the test process, some people may see this as just random clicks.

Testing is Only About Documentation

Anyone working on a project has to keep detailed documentation. But, there’s a myth that testers only fill out excel sheets while testing software.

  • Reality: Testers document important facts. This documentation enables them to look back at any issues. Most of the time, testers use Microsoft excel sheets for this purpose. However, you can make the documentation process easy by using test management software.

Software Testing is Easy

Often people with less experience and knowledge consider the testing process easy.

  • Reality: Testers testing software should have in-depth knowledge about its various facets. It is a complicated process. If the testers make mistakes, the overall performance of the software will be reduced.

The Bottom Line

The method of software testing has changed. Evolving technology has made the testing process easy.  However, that shouldn’t keep testers away from testing. Rather, they should focus on building simple software so as to fix issues quickly.

Building software which gives optimal performance isn’t plain sailing. Challenges will come on your way. Only a knowledgeable software developer can overcome those challenges efficiently.

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